A Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School

Inclement Weather Policy

Procedure for Inclement Weather at Morning Drop-Off (K-8)
Due to inclement weather, there may be days that it is better for the children to wait inside for school to begin. If there is heavy rain, lightning or the windchill is below 15 (according to weather.com), the main door (Door 2, on Paulina) will open at 8:30 for kids to come in and wait outside of their classrooms for school to begin. Parents are asked to drop kids off at the door 2 and let them walk to their classrooms on their own. School staff will help younger students find their indoor drop-off location if needed. This helps to keep the already full hallways passable. Parents of K-8 students may only enter the building on indoor drop off days if they have a meeting or need to go to the office.

Preschool has their own procedure for inclement weather in the morning. Mrs. Lazar or Mrs. Williams.will communicate with families.

If there is inclement weather, we will display 3 orange flags:
1. At the main entrance (Door 2)
2. On the corner side of the building closer to Montrose
3. On the south side of the building by the playground by 8:15.