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Amazon Smile Supports Ravenswood School

Amazon Smile Supports Ravenswood School

Amazon has launched a program called AmazonSmile that donates a percentage of each purchase to a designated charitable organization. (While the percentage donated is relatively small, those quarters and dollars can add up very quickly, especially knowing how much some of us shop at Amazon!)

It is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE! From now on, instead of going to the standard www.amazon.com website, go to (or log-on, if you have an Amazon account) www.smile.amazon.com.

The first time you visit www.smile.amazon.com, you’ll be prompted to designate a charitable organization.  Please type in “Friends of Ravenswood School.”  After that, all Amazon shopping you do through the AmazonSmile portal will benefit Friends of Ravenswood School. It costs you nothing and your Amazon shopping experience will be exactly the same.  Every time you shop at Amazon through the smile.amazon.com website, it will show that you are on Amazon Smile and the top of the page will read: “Supporting: Friends of Ravenswood School.”

Please share with others you know who shop at Amazon!  

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