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Positive Discipline – 5 Session Study Group

This 5 session series provides parents and care providers with Positive Discipline Tools to bring ease and connection to families. Learn how respond to misbehavior in an effective way that helps children learn strategies for teaching communication skills, problem solving, conflict resolution, strengthening relationships over time.

Dates: Wednesdays РApril 5, April 26, May 3, May 10 & May 24

Time & Location:¬†5:15 to 6:30pm in Ravenswood’s multi-purpose room

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Positive Discipline focuses on solutions, not punishment or blame, and helps support families to combine kindness and firmness to encourage children in a mutually respectful environment. The experiential format of the class helps adults get into the child’s world, no matter how old that child is, to understand behavior so adults can respond more effectively. Additionally, the course work provides adults tools that when used, both help guide the child away from misbehavior and grow into an adult who is caring and capable, respectful and responsible.


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