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Principal Message 3 Dec 2017

Principal Message 3 Dec 2017

Dear Ravenswood Families and Friends,

Target gift cards
As the quick march toward winter break begins, we are kicking off this month’s message with a giving opportunity. Every year, Ravenswood collects and distributes gift cards to families in need. If you and your family are interested in participating, please drop off Target gift cards in any amount to the main office between now and Monday the 18th.

Missio Dei
Thank you to the amazing folks at Missio Dei church for their day of service at Ravenswood before Thanksgiving! You may have noticed some new benches as well as a clean campus when you returned from Thanksgiving- that’s all thanks to the work of Missio Dei’s congregation who graciously volunteered to complete these projects along with many others. Our community rocks!

Winter Bugs
Although the weather has been fantastic (knock on wood), winter illnesses are definitely in effect. We are pushing lots of hand washing and/or sanitizer here at school and we encourage you to do the same as there are some really contagious and not-so-fun illnesses making the rounds right now.

Coffee Hour
Join us for our admin coffee hour this Friday at 9am in the Multipurpose Room. This is a time set aside for Ravenswood families to come and talk about anything- and everything- Ravenswood. Hope to see you there!

Local School Council Meeting
Our next meeting will take place Monday the 11th at 6:30pm in the Multipurpose Room.

Have a great week, everyone.

Mr. Manaen and Mrs. Welsh

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