A Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ravenswood

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ravenswood

  1. Ravenswood School is committed to the Arts. As a Chicago Public Schools Fine & Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School, all students attend 3 to 4 classes per week in art, drama, and dance. Ravenswood is also one of a few select CPS demonstration sites for integrating the arts into core subject areas to enhance learning and nurture creativity.
  2. The Ravenswood School curriculum incorporates an inquiry-based learning model, where students are challenged to ask big questions and work together to offer solutions that are researched and formulated from a variety of angles.
  3. Ravenswood School practices Balanced Literacy within the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop Model.  The Ravenswood approach to literacy is progressive and effective. Students are met at their own level, whether they are performing at, above, or below grade level, and given the support they need to continue to grow in their learning. In addition, students learn in a variety of dynamic ways – in small peer groups, independently, as a class group, and in small group sessions with the teacher.
  4. Ravenswood School believes in the importance of social-emotional development for all children. The Positive Discipline approach – where students are taught conflict resolution and self-regulation skills from a personal toolbox of behavioral choices –  is practiced school-wide, beginning in preschool and carried through middle school.
  5. Ravenswood School prioritizes smaller class sizes, with a target of about 25 students per class beginning in Kindergarten and 28 in grades 1 and 2 (compared to averages of more than 30 students per classroom in other CPS schools in the area).
  6. Ravenswood School is home to a highly talented team of teachers, with a unified approach to education to meet each child’s individual needs and develop strong self-directed learning, group collaboration and critical-thinking skills. The Ravenswood teaching staff is a vibrant mixture of veterans and newer additions to the teaching profession. Our teachers are also present and engaged beyond the classroom, taking prominent roles in school events, as mentors in clubs, as coaches in sports, and more.
  7. Ravenswood School proudly reflects the diversity of its community, including the neighborhoods of Ravenswood, Graceland West, East Lakeview, Uptown and beyond.
  8. Ravenswood School offers on-site before-school and after-school childcare options through its partnerships with Youth Guidance and Columbia College’s Center for Community Arts Partnerships. Known as BASA (short for “Before and After School Adventures), this partnership provides working parents with on-site options to help manage their busy schedules. In addition, enrichment programming — such as dance, tae kwon do, sewing, and Spanish (just to name a few) — is available to kids as an add-on to after-care or on an a la carte basis.
  9. Ravenswood has cultivated strong partnerships with the University of Illinois at Chicago and other universities in the area. Because of these relationships, many Ravenswood classrooms host student teachers for most of the academic year, adding more opportunities for team teaching and small group instruction.
  10. Ravenswood has involved, committed parents and neighbors, who are active in drawing broader community support and resources to support students’ learning experiences. As a result of this involvement, Ravenswood now has a fabulous playground including a turf field, an outdoor classroom, a sport court, and features the latest best practices in storm water management, making it truly green!! The Ravenswood School community is active in supporting student learning inside the building and out.

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