A Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School


Part of what makes Ravenswood School a great place to learn and work is the collective talents and skills of our volunteer community. 

FORS Volunteer Survey: Friends of Ravenswood School’s volunteer survey only takes a few minutes to fill out and will help FORS find the right volunteer fit for you. Please click here to complete the survey. There is also a paper copy of this survey going home with your student. When you receive the survey, complete it and return it to your child’s teacher.

In the Classroom: Each teacher’s needs are different. Some teachers need room parents, some need help with classroom tasking like making copies, cutting, pasting and more. Please email your child’s teacher to see where you can help.

In the Cafeteria: If you have read the newsletter you know that Mr. Manaen is looking for volunteers for lunch and recess duty. We would appreciate your help any day Monday-Friday 10:45 a.m. through 12:45 p.m. In his words: “perks include learning the many, many variations of ‘chase’,  retrieving soccer balls from neighboring yards, and/or the acquired ability to open 50 cartons of milk in under 3 minutes. All marketable skills, people. E-mail me for details!”  On days you are interested, please enter through the main doors, sign the visitors book and then go to the office and let them know you are interested in helping in the cafeteria.

Ravenswood Events and Volunteer Opportunities Lists: Ravenswood has many community-building and fundraising events throughout the year which all need volunteers. Please review these lists to see where you would like to give your time and talents. Volunteer Events List in EnglishOportunidades de voluntatiado en espanol.

Other Talents and Ideas: If you have any other volunteer ideas, we would love to hear from you. Please email Maria Dimond or Jen O’Grady at fors@ravenswoodelementary.org. Or if you have other interests and talents, please complete the volunteer survey online or on paper and indicate your special interests.