A Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Cluster School

Wellness at Ravenswood

Join the Ravenswood Wellness Committee to help our community stay active, happy and healthy!

Participate in Wellness Week from October 3-7, 2016.  There are activities every day to keep everyone moving, and information about healthy eating!

Read the Ravenswood Nut-freee Guidelines.  In 2015, Ravenswood decided to maintain a nut-free campus to protect the health of all of our students.

Ravenswood Is Healthy School Certified!

In the spring of 2015, Ravenswood was awarded the Bronze Award of the HealthierUS School Challenge and received our Healthy School Certification.  In order to receive this, the school needs to meet a set of criteria which include: daily physical activity, nutrition education at every grade, implementation of a healthy snack and beverage policy, the avoidance of food rewards and the creation of an active school wellness team.

While some of these requirements are being met on a daily basis at Ravenswood, others are still being developed and customized to meet Ravenswood’s unique needs.  The school administration, the Wellness Advocacy Committee and the LSC have been working hard in an ongoing process to write policy and implement these requirements.

Your support and participation in meeting these requirements are greatly appreciated as we continually work to make Ravenswood a healthy place to grow and learn.  Below are two of our current food and snack policies for you to be aware of:

Classroom Party Snacks

Occasionally, classrooms celebrate a contest win, event or a holiday with a special party in the room that includes food and snacks. Please alert your student’s teacher about any allergies and prepare your student with good information on which foods are a best fit for him or her.

Birthday Celebrations

Please contact your student’s teacher for classroom rules on birthday celebrations.

Some teachers allow parents to bring treats for the class, others ask that no cake, candy or desserts are shared with students. We ask parents to be mindful of providing healthy treats and our nut-free policy.